Kishman Spence

Executive Director, KPMG Jamaica Extended Support Services

Kishman has spent the last 23 years working in Customer Operations with global teams across the Caribbean, US, Europe, Asia and Africa. He has worked with leading players in the Telecommunication (Cable & Wireless), On-line Retail (Vistaprint) and Professional Services (KPMG-JESS) space in a number of roles spanning Technology, Business Process Development, Continuous Improvement, Vendor Management, Quality & Training, Operations Management and Executive Leadership. Among his professional certifications Kishman holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Liverpool, UK and is a Customer Operations Performance Center (COPC) Registered Coordinator with certification and training in Lean-Six Sigma and Agile. Currently, Kishman serves as the Executive Director and head of Outsourcing for KPMG-Jamaica Extended Support Services (KPMG-JESS).